Reviews for EUREKA!

"I loved the whole play!  While still covering arithmetic you pulled in real history!  The nature sequences/ratios were great and sparked interest with my students!"

Jennifer Young
West McDowell J.H.S.
Marion, NC

"We are a Christian school -- we very much appreciate your high standards of excellence.  Watching EUREKA! was a great benefit to our students.  For math students, your show helped them think 'outside the box.'  For our speech and drama students, your performers delivered excellent characterization and illustrated
excellent acting techniques.  Your shows are our favorite field trips!"

Joan Deneve
Victory Baptist School
Millbrook, AL

"The topics and length of the show were perfect.  Very enjoyable
performance.  Prompted questions from my high school level groups on topics not yet covered."

Kathleen Schroeder
St. Rose of Lima
Nashville, TN

"My students enjoyed the performance.  Within a few days I heard 'Hey, that was in EUREKA!', more than once."

Teresa Woodard
New Berlin High School
New Berlin, IL

"This was an excellent performance showing students that math is related to everything.  It challenged them and our discussion the following day showed learning and sparked new interests."

Lynn Swider
Rotolo Middle School
Batavia, IL

"Excellent!  I did not anticipate that the support materials would be just what we needed.  It worked."

Myrna Roberts
Crossland High School
Temple Hills, MD

"It was a great performance.  Very well organized (getting into and out of the theatre) and, most importantly, my students enjoyed it.  Thanks."

Jaye L. Herzog
East Jefferson High School
Metairie, LA

"The show was more than we expected.  The students loved it and appreciated the historical aspect, the humor and application of the topcis.  Well done!  We look forward to a sequel!"

Barbara Baker
The Rubicon Academy
The Woodlands, TX

"EUREKA! is an excellent example of the wonder and power of education and discovery."

Assistant Principal Patrick Sullivan
Furnace Brook Middle School
Marshfield, MA

"We really enjoyed it.  It's programs such as this that gets kids excited about learning math and pursuing careers in math and science.  The entire production was very well done and kept the audience both entertained and engaged in learning.  It was definitely a day well spent."

Amy Remy
Bellingham High School
Bellingham, MA

"It was excellent!  I wouldn't change anything!  The students are still talking about things they saw in the play."

Christine Milway
Southampton Middle School
Bel Air, MD

"Everyone loved the show, and my students came away with a whole new angle on math.  In an equation where x=academic value and y=fun, EUREKA! was a real success!"

Kristy Gross
St. Mary School
Goldsboro, NC

"EUREKA! brought the pages of history to life in both an educational and humorous way.  I would recommend this to all high school math teaches and their students.  The context was exceptional and truthful and the atmosphere very upbeat and modern.  Students really could relate to Sara, the main character."

Michele Ferris
Becton Regional High School
East Rutherford, NJ

"EUREKA! was a fabulous right and left brain experience. 
Kudos to the actresses and actors and everyone else involved who go the extra mile, each year, to bring aesthetics and now mathematics to the stage."

Dr. Deborah Herodes
Middleburgh Central School
Middleburgh, NY


Reviews for CLASSICS! and ENCORE!!

"As always the show was excellent. Some of my students had never seen a live performance and having literary knowledge of the material made it great!

Brenda J. Fulmer
Bronson High School
Bronson, FL

"The CLASSICS! program is the perfect culminating activity for our short story unit.  It also fits in very well with the new Common Core Standards.  Keep up the great work!"

Dennis Maher
South Middle School
Newburgh, NY

"Live performances still rate as the premiere attention grabber for students. After attending your performances of ENCORE!! over several years, I still smile when I hear my students gasp at your special effects."

Jane White
Turner Co. Middle School
Ashburn, GA

"Keep up the good work! It is wonderful to have such classy performances available to our students!"

Cade Carter
Cedar Creek Middle School
Youngsville, NC

 "Both students and chaperones were impressed by the high standards of acting, set design, staging, and overall quality. We would recommend your productions to anyone without hesitation!"

Barbara G. Smith
Robinson Secondary School
Fairfax, VA

"The selection of short stories was superb. I especially appreciate the brief biological sketches of the authors; they reinforced what we had studied in class. The performers were professional and connected well with the audience. The props and special effects enhanced each performance."

Faith White
Inter-City Baptist High School
Allen Park, MI

"Bravo! I wish to bestow gratitude and the highest esteem to your company for a job well-done! From reservations to final curtain, Chamber Theatre Productions delighted me and my students!

Jane A. Brown
W.C. Montgomery School
Baton Rouge, LA

"The production far surpassed all expectations! The actors were delightful, and the direction was particularly clever. Just superb!"

Melanie Coefield
Myrtle Grove Christian School
Wilmington, NC

"This is my fifth year to bring students groups to Chamber Theatre performances. I have yet to be disappointed or have a student be anything less than delighted with the experience. Congratulations on a professionally organized event from start to finish!

Christine Yasik
Stanton Middle School
Wilmington, DE

"What an exceptional and rare opportunity for students to see the works of respected American authors presented by professionals! Your company makes the printed word live, so that the production lets the students EXPERIENCE the work, almost as a participant in it."

Nick Nickell
Hillcrest High School
Springfield, MO

"Our students rarely have the opportunity to view a professional performance. To see one so well done and derived from material relevant to their studies is a tremendous motivational tool, as well as culturally enriching."

Debra Douglas
Ironton High School
Ironton, OH

"Our students were enthralled by the artistry of your production. To our pleasure, many students told us how the program increased their understanding of the selections."

Edward Wilk
Butler Jr. High School
Lowell, MA

"As usual, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your show!"

Theressa Ashworth
Starks High School
Starks, LA


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