Why Chamber Theatre Productions?
CHAMBER THEATRE:“A method of adapting literary works to the stage using a maximal amount of the work's original text and often minimal and suggestive settings.” (Definition provided by Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia)

For over 30 years, Chamber Theatre Productions has provided students and teachers of literature, drama, and language arts with original adaptations of classic short stories. Touring rural areas as well as major cities across the country, CTP has performed its innovative works for thousands of middle and high school students, many of whom might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience live theatre. Up to six national companies tour the country throughout the school year, employing as many as 65 actors, directors and technicians. Our cast and crew of skilled professionals travel as self-contained units, equipped with all the scenic, costume and lighting elements necessary to create the magic of live theatre!

Our productions are specifically designed to complement both middle and high school curricula, and are offered as field trips during school hours. Rather than present only one story per performance, CTP has developed a unique format of presenting five separate short stories by five different authors within a 90-minute time frame, allowing us to offer a broad range of styles and genres for teachers to highlight within their classroom. Besides being used as a valuable teaching tool, our productions provide students with a field trip experience that is both educational and entertaining.

Once a reservation is placed with our office, either online or over the phone, you will be given access to our online Teacher Guide to prepare your students for the performance. These guides cover both literary content and basic theatre elements, and are designed to encourage in-class discussion both prior to and after the performance. These materials provide a springboard for students to compare and contrast important literary and dramatic elements, while also encouraging active listening and effective viewing skills. Post-performance activities bring the experience back to the classroom to help solidify the learning process. Whether you teach at the middle school or high school level, we are confident that our performances will prove to be an exciting and valuable experience for your students!

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, ENCORE!!


In EUREKA!, students join Einstein, Pythagoras, and others as they unravel the mysteries of the universe through mathematics. Join your students as they discover the secret language of chance, the mysterious code of the golden ratio, and the unlikely kinship between pineapples, pinecones, and rabbit hutches.